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4 ways customer feedback can improve your business

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1. Update your product or service

All feedback should be recorded and saved. If many customers are leaving the same bits of feedback, this may be an indication that your product or service is missing a key element or needs an update. Gather all feedback so that your development team is able to make changes to better your product or service. Continue measuring customer satisfaction once you have implemented these changes.

2. Share social listening feedback internally

Depending on who manages your social media channels, customer feedback has the potential to hit a dead end. It is important that any customer comments or posts reach the intended audience. If the comment is about billing practices, make sure it gets to the accounting department. If the comment is about the wait time for a technician to arrive, make sure the dispatcher is aware.

3. Improve your employee training process

From listening to what customers are saying, you can predict what will be important to teach when training new employees. For example, if customers are often confused by the online portal on your website, make sure new employees are equipped to answer any questions and walk customers through.

4. Follow up and relay improvements to customers

Finally, it is extremely important to let customers know that you are listening and what they say makes a difference. When you have a product update, make sure your customers know that changes or new features were added because of their direct feedback. Customers want to know that they are heard!

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