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How to Use Extras to Make Your Clients Feel Special

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While She’s Waiting 
While your client waits for her treatment provider offer her refreshments. Don’t just stick with coffee or tea! Create a signature beverage, such as water with cucumber slices or an herbal tea, like hibiscus. Offer fresh fruit or another healthy snack. This communicates the message that you’re there to take care of your clients and they are special people.     

During Her Service
During service, your staff should be attentive and professional. Staff should take a personal interest in each client. You can do this by training your service providers to listen to your guests and encourage the guests to talk about themselves. Service providers should never monopolize the conversation or talk about themselves.

If you use special products, high-end systems or vanguard technology, tell your customers about it. Your staff should let the client know that they are receiving a service that isn’t available just anywhere. This boosts the exclusivity of your salon or spa and makes your clients feel extra special.

If an esthetician uses a wax designed for your client’s sensitive skin, your client will be happy to know that. If a colorist uses hair dyes that last longer or minimize damage to the client’s hair, let the client know.The little extras count during a service. For example, a scalp massage during a haircut and hand and foot massages during mani/pedis don’t cost anything but make the client feel pampered and special. Encouraging a client to take as much time as she needs to get dressed after a massage or wax will help her feel like her needs matter.

Boost the Freebies
Add-on services for special events will go a long way to making your client feel pampered. You can offer free facial waxing on a client’s birthday, for example. Or if the client mentions she is going to an event that evening, you could offer to do her makeup. Gifting low-cost services tells your client she is a VIP and will keep her coming back.

After Her Service
At the end of a service, samples and gift bags are always appreciated, but you can take this to the next level with an instruction sheet. Instructions on how to maintain the service they’ve just purchased doesn’t cost anything and wows your client.

Acknowledge Her Referrals

You can also encourage referrals through extras. When your clients refer someone new, thank them and give them something to acknowledge the referral. A product sample or a gift bag will let your client know how much you appreciate her business and the referral.

Extras go a long way to helping your clients feel special. With the right training for your staff and a little creativity, you can make your clientele feel like VIPs throughout their entire experience with you.

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