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Refresh Your Product Update Emails

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The Anatomy of an Irresistible Product Update Email

To build an effective onboarding campaign, let’s first focus on creating the actual product update email. The goal is to motivate customers to try your new product feature without any reservations.

Don’t worry if your first draft isn’t the best. You can transform your email from blah to irresistible with these marketing strategies.

1. Focus on Benefits

You’ve probably heard this mantra before, or even stressed it to your team: benefits over features.

That’s true even in emails that are all about your neat new features.

Customers aren’t usually too concerned about how a specific feature came to life. Instead, they want to know how it will help them achieve their goals.

With the right subject line, you can get them excited about the benefits of your update before they even open the email. Try something like this:

“Shave 3 hours off your morning commute with our latest feature”


“Try our new feature to 4X your conversions this month”

The body of the product update email is where the magic happens. Briefly explain why the customer should care about the update. How will this feature give them more value?

By matching the benefit to a specific pain point, you can demonstrate how the feature offers a particular solution.

2. Use Eye-Catching Visuals to Say What Your Copy Can’t

In this feature update email from Leadpages, a header image shows their new evergreen countdown timer with shots of the interface and a page someone’s created with the feature.

3. Aim for More Clicks & Fewer Words

This one can be hard. Your team labored for weeks (maybe months) to pump out a new product feature.

So, it’s no surprise that the first draft of your product update email is way too long for customer consumption. That doesn’t mean you need to trash all the content you’ve written, though—it just means it doesn’t all need to go in the email.

Aim to keep your email copy short and sweet. Don’t include every single detail about the product feature. Rather, tease your customer with short descriptions that will entice to click your call to action (CTA).

Keeping the text simple yet engaging will motivate people to learn more on your blog or product page. In addition to creating a better experience for subscribers, this strategy is also better for you: you can’t tell whether someone has read your entire product update if you put the whole thing in an email. By asking subscribers to click through, you get more accurate information about who’s engaging.

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