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The 5 Stages of your Customers Pain

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The Five Stages of Customer Pain

  1. They feel somewhat uncomfortable in the situation they are in but overall they are good.

  2. They are not happy with their pain but they can live with it.

  3. They are very unhappy with their pain and wish for a change.

  4. They want to change and start thinking about how they can do it.

  5. They are desperate to find solutions.

At what stage is your ideal client is willing to stop and start listening to you while purchasing your products and services? The more your prospects climb up the ladder of pain, the more they are ready to be converted.

When you review the questions you get from your prospects, in your social media conversations, or when you out there, speaking and educating people, start listening. You will here which stage of pain they are experiencing.

Recognize what type of pain (read the customer pain point definition of the four types your ideal client is goes through below)

Create solutions to overcome their pain.

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