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Infrastructure and Technologies to support Rnext Omnichannel in a large scale

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To name a few things that already in Rnext:
  1. Cloud server (or on premise) - with Intel CPU having upto 48 cores 

  2. mPOS: hardware device - iPad, POSBOX, Router, Mobile Payment Reader

  3. Artificial Intelligence: facial recognition, data mining, sale advisory

  4. Communication & Messaging: chat with customer, visitor, and within Company  (have you seen "Have a Question? Chat with Us" box at the bottom of the website?

  5. E-Commerce & Retail : yes ! Look at the and mPOS !

  6. FinTech and Payment : state-of-the-art methods such as QRCode Payment, Mobile Payment, and other 3rd party payment gateway (Paypal, eNets, ..)

  7. Advertising: Rnext incorporates with CRM module into Sales & E-commerces with key features, like: select good keyword for SEO, Google Analytics, Tracking of marketing campaign, mass email, receiving calls, automate sale leads...

  8. Bonus: SECURITY - all Rnext servers are

    24/7 monitored, protected, intrusion detection & prevention by Dual SIEM systems, advanced SOC, applying best practices in security and industry standards (PCI DSS, HIPPA..), regular vulnerability scan and pentest. Also, the frontend of the store/POS is totally secured.

Looking at how & what key items that the largest internet companies have in common with Rnext. 

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