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Webrooming vs. Showrooming: A Retail Marketing Guide

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In this retail marketing guide infographic, we break down the latest webrooming vs. showrooming trends for both online and in-store shopping.

First things first….let’s talk definitions:

What is webrooming?

Webrooming refers to a shopping process that starts with online browsing and then leads to buying in-store. This type of shopping allows customers to touch, feel and test products before purchasing.

Webrooming works best with products such as appliances (58% of purchases in this category), electronics (54%) and apparel (49%). Generally, there are no shipping costs associated with these purchases and consumers receive their product immediately.

What is showrooming?

Showrooming refers to a shopping process that begins with in-store browsing and then leads to an online purchase. This type of shopping allows for customers to find cheaper prices and better deals with exclusive-to-online promotions.

Showrooming.  works best with products such as entertainment (55% of purchases in this category), electronics (52%) and toys/games (50%).

Consumers who opt for showrooming enjoy the convenience of receiving their purchases at home, and generally are able to choose from a wider selection with greater availability when shopping online.

Which generations prefer webrooming and showrooming?

Research shows us that shopping preferences vary by generation, and retailers and marketers should target shoppers based on these generational differences.

How can retailers use this insight on webrooming vs. showrooming shopping trends?

When it comes to your store and your customers, here are just some of the areas to review and, if needed, revise your retail marketing approach:

  • Look at ways to re-invent the in-store experience
  • Go beyond traditional retail – use an omni-channel marketing approach
  • Mobilize your store associates – consider Tulip Retail and Salesfloor platforms
  • Focus on personalized service and in-store incentives
  • Encourage customers’ opinions and showcase reviews or ratings on your website

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